Give Respect and Take Respect..

Sometimes people don’t respect us

But we continuously respect them

Just for the sake that they are older than us?

Then what about 

“Give respect and take respect “?

If respect is limited to age

I am completely in rage

Don’t you think younger should equally be respected?

if elder is given respect ,younger deserve respect

But many a times I find this as a fact

Where comes an age there arrives an ego

Don’t you think let the ‘e’ go.

Anyways we should not forget

“Give respect and take respect”

Irrespective of who knows better.

                             -Harshleen Israni


63 thoughts on “Give Respect and Take Respect..

  1. I agree with you harshleen. I remember fighting with my mum over this as a kid – “Why should I touch their feet? I don’t want to! ” “They are elders”. Respect has nothing to do with age. Young or old, it’s always give respect and take respect. πŸ™‚

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    1. What will you lose if you touch her feet ? She is a mother . If you don’t touch nothing will happen. But if you touch she feels valued and when you value someone they will remember you and be there for you when you need. Does it not matter ??

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  2. It is not about who knows better it is about who lives. Better who understands better who guides better who decides better who supports better who motivates better .who accepts better. yes respect should be mutual .

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  3. Dear friend,

    you are right, elder people should not reserve the right alone to be respected at any cost, at any case (which could be abused by them) -therefore, respect should be given to everyone no matter the age. Mutually receiving respect is a very good thing and if we give “unconditional respect” (without any expectations to get something in return) this is even a very noble, selfless respect, just like unconditional love. However, we all have to develop humbleness too.

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend and have a nice weekend

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      1. We always learn something when we read and discuss with respect.

        So for me it’s a learning, that I know.

        My blog is all about discovering myself. So part of things which people share I discover myself from it.

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      2. Yup, just made your ego as my lesson post. And it gave me this notification that you cross 200 post.

        So credit to you, keep posting beautifully since your post will be remembered for long!

        Read the 201 post πŸ˜‰

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