I am Straightforward!

People say be straightforward

And when we are straightforward to them

They think we are acting like a bullshit

Just let me know what should we do

Specially I can’t hide my emotions

They burn me inside

I take them out at the moment

I am straightforward

Accept it!

                             –Harshleen Israni

Positivity Around..

yesterday there was a need of umbrella for every rain drop

today the gentle touch of every rain drop,

cherishes me so positively

yesterday there was need of shed for single ray of sunlight

today seems as sun has lots of positive rays

These are the feeling when we achieve something

And today I felt the same

Everything looked so positive…

                           -Harshleen Israni

Happy Mother’s Day

yes people its mother’s day

so please! on this post make your eyes to stay

when miscarriage means losing

when abortion means dropping

so what does a child labour means?

what does exploitation means?

If you know exploitation 

then what does assassination means ?

Child is born out of a mother’s genes

if you care for a mother

so please! people do care for her child

mother have given him birth with a commitment 

she is gonna provide him healthy environment

But today’s scenario showed a child

that her mother lied !

showed him that his life style is actually wild

and ultimately I think he is internally died

Died in his deep negative thoughts

Died in thinking of what he has got,

Just feels that he is caught!

On and from this mother’s day

let’s care for all our mothers

let’s care for their children

let’s stop the child and women exploitation, as soon as we can

Cause a child’s happiness 

Is indispensable for mother’s happiness!

                             –Harshleen Israni

Give Respect and Take Respect..

Sometimes people don’t respect us

But we continuously respect them

Just for the sake that they are older than us?

Then what about 

“Give respect and take respect “?

If respect is limited to age

I am completely in rage

Don’t you think younger should equally be respected?

if elder is given respect ,younger deserve respect

But many a times I find this as a fact

Where comes an age there arrives an ego

Don’t you think let the ‘e’ go.

Anyways we should not forget

“Give respect and take respect”

Irrespective of who knows better.

                             -Harshleen Israni