Upcoming sad story of a PEN!!

Some pressed me well and wrote
Some holded me little light and wrote
It always was depended upon their emotions
The more better mood was,the more lightly they hold me
The more frustrated they were,the more I was to be pressed
with more intense and heavy words that had to come out through my nib
I always had endured pain while they were getting their pain light
My nib would be constantly pressed ,until they were satisfied
Though I was given a little trouble,I enjoyed throughout
I miss of being used and then kept safe covered with my cap
Standing in the penholder or been resting safely in a compass box
Ohh!how badly I miss those days
Those beautiful words and the letters they made out of me
The uneven movements or the irregular shapes
Everything had to come out of me
Ohh!how I miss those days

Everything changed
When the world of digitals came
Where the keypad started seizing my right
I eventually lost my usage
And gradually got defeated
Now stories don’t come out of my nib
Rather they come out of me
Cause they shifted me from little penholder to this big museam
And see,I am resting in peace now
Just to tell you my story!!
                             Harshleen Israni




Pretentious Emotions!!

She kept on saying don’t go
And I kept on saying I need to
She always kept her feelings to convince me
And I always kept my insensitive side that I don’t feel anything
She cried,she argued,she fought,she did everything that she could
And I just stood there doing nothing 
But said” I am bold now,I am grown up,Let me go” without dropping a single tear
And there she again protested
But then I bid her a bye
Showing all pretentious bold emotions that I could
But she didn’t stop
“Cause she is MUM”

-Harshleen Israni

Desperately awaiting for you all to hear them!

The folded heavy papers waiting on the table from day and night,

The folded heavy papers suddenly catches my sight,

The folded heavy papers bargains to get their burden light,

The restless poem in there wants to get recite,

The unspoken infinite words awaiting to be read,

The untold stories awaiting to be said,

Tongue has protested a lot ,but now seems as if it is dead.

Searched for the people around,

Searched for the audience who can surround,

Searched for the all set stage,

But now it seems as if people are caught in a cage!

Stories are waiting for people to come out,

But little do these stories know that they are unwilling to hear them aloud!

And yet the innocent stories and poems remain untold,

Desperately awaiting for this writer cum teller and the folded heavy papers to get unfold!

P.S- not at all a fictional! True indeed!

                            -Harshleen Israni

Got almost to enjoy it!

Its strange that I have never got to see the Dahi Handi programme on Janmashthmi.Finally yesterday I got an opportunity to watch it.I went to temple, to take a glimpse of this joyous festival.I got my seat there.While the crowd was engaged in rising babbling sound and dawdling over there conversations,I was busy in watching the mysterious matki. I had so many questions in my mind ,of how they are gonna reach there,how they’re gonna break it and it was really unbelievable for me to sit there and thinking that in next few minutes all of my questions are going to have answers.I brooded over it so much that for a while I felt as if an aeon might have passed.It was really an inexplicable enthusiasm.While brooding over it , suddenly I heard a sound.A sound that increased my heart thumpings ,that just blinked my eyes and brought me into the real world. I peeped over there and saw the shattered pieces of matki lying on the floor. Yes the loosened mysterious matki ,which was not at all a mysterious now ,itself fell down and those shattered pieces again shattered my dream.

Hello everyone

So I am back after a long time. I hope you all are doing good.

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Apps Schedule

turn on the mobile
and there is a relaxing smile
turn on the mobile data or a wifi
and there is notification of hllo nd hi!
fingers start searching for the apps
and yes they found there a watsapp
touched and viewed all the mssgs of dear ones
now,its tym to say bye to wats app and my speedy fingers starts to run.
fingers! be cool and calm
Cause now you are gonna touch instagram!
peer on those shots n videos
listen to those so called audios!
fingers!what happen?are u getting bore??
so come now its tym for another app to get explore!
yes,its none another than Facebook
my desperate eyes are dying to give a look!
OMG! someone has sent me a request
let me see who is this new guest!
after looking to all the new posts&likes
my fingers are getting departure for hike!
again it continues the same process
and one more app is left ?I guess!
yes,my fingers are all set,
to visit snapchat!

_Harshleen Israni