A Blurry Love By- A Blurry Vision!

A Blurry Love by – A Blurry Vision

Blurry is his love?
Or blurry is her heart?

Blurry are his gestures?
Or blurry are her eyes?

Blurry are their terms?
Or blurry are their commitments?

Blurry is their romance?
Or blurry are their intentions?

Blurry is their destiny?
Or blurry is their desperation?

Blurry are the well wishers?
Or blurry is their adoration?

A lot of it is Blurry,
Yet Blurry is Beautiful!

– Blurry Vision of Harshleen!

Surreal as it Sounds!

I don’t crave for a life in new Laptops and Phones,
I rather crave for a life in campuses, on fields, on roads!
I don’t crave to buy my own wheels and all those feels,
I rather crave to extend my hand once again to stop those wheels!
I don’t crave to stumble a known face and fake a smile,
I rather crave to stumble a random person in a city where I am a stranger!
I don’t crave for your decorated Pizza and Burger,
I rather crave for the mess watery dal, unbreakable chapatis and all those formidable hurdles!
I just want to be a sweaty free bird again,
Who would wander even when it would rain,
In the city of unknowns,
Where she would always be her own!
Who once thought was caught in a cage,
But No Darling, that was her life’s beautiful page!

Harshleen Israni!


We all understand and somewhere fear YOLO.
YOLO, a netizens terminology!
But had we ever thought about the other side of YOLO?
“You Only Live Once”
If it means we only live once, it also means there’s no afterlife!
Once you are gone, you’re gone.
Nobody’s waiting on the other side to listen what you had explored.
Neither would you be in your senses to regret of what you missed while you were alive,
To regret the reel you were supposed to post or the place you were supposed to explore.

Once you take your last breath
You’re just a BODY.
It will either be burnt or be buried.
Your ashes mixed in sand,
Your brittle bones sunk to the seabed,
Or broken inside the coffin.
But where are the regrets of not exploring the places?
Of not posting it on the internet?
It’s okay if you’re penniless for a while,
Don’t push yourself off your capacity!
No matter you are a Millennial or a Gen Z,
You still can have fun when you turn 50.
Not a race to ace!

But why to do this in the fear of regrets or Netizens may call it FOMO?
You don’t have afterlife to discuss or even sense “what you did or what you missed!”
Because at the end of the day even your influencer’s ashes and bones are meant to fade!
           -Harshleen Israni

The Night…

Everything was beyond comparision
The glittery waves were all set to get us drowned into their haunting lullaby,
Even the sky without twinkling stars
was beautiful
Needless to mention,
it had a wraith-silver disc hanging all alone,
to listen our beautiful silly conversations
Conversations which apparently didn’t have meaning in it
Or might had a deep one
Conversations that were unplanned yet filled with curiosities
It all started with those 1 am talks
The talks filled with some overthinking stuff.
Everything was going great
From awkward silence to all those guffaws we passed
From beguiling beauty to the uninterrupted increasingly esoteric conversations
Until the dawn broke in
letting us to witness the golden rays that turned clouds, meadows and mountain bright!
Which was supposed to be magnificent, right?
But it wasn’t,
Despite of the brightness,
the clouds, the meadows, the mountains everything looked dull this time.
Eventually it evoked the realisation that our vibes weren’t bright as the sun rays.
To our surprise!
that heart-to-heart talk didn’t go well
Things got messed up…

Here was the conclusion
Scenic beauty or material possessions were never the matter,
But the vibes between us were!
Harshleen Israni

Story of our LIPS 👄

Conveying your messages is my art and my duty for sure
Whispering into the ears is my way of giving it a sensuous touch
Being stared by your friends is one of my secret stories
Some are creepy, some are cringey while few are the ones filled with love.
But you ignore them, why?
I need love, I need caressing
But then you just talk and pull them away?
I everytime think, might be this time
This time I might get a kiss or a mush!
May be a French, Indian or an American one?
But no you wouldn’t trust my friends
Yes my friends, My Dearly Lip Friends!
Some are wet, some are dry
Some are red while some are brownish
Some wear glittery shades while others wear mattes
Few smells like those of rich and classy branded ones,
While some can be tasted from a distance!
But who cares for my cravings, right?
I get hopes and you turn them away!
Ohh lady or a guy, whoever you are
A GenZ, a millennial or a Gen X or even a baby boomer?
Doesn’t matter, just go on with the flow
This is life, you wouldn’t get again
Get me my taste and I’ll get yours!

                                     -Harshleen Israni

Dream Woven Story

Yes, dreams do weave a story. When we write a story, we usually take fictional characters. While on the other hand, dreams use real characters. The characters who are known to us, the characters who has been with us at least once, although it’s very rare when the character is unknown and new. We stimulate dreams by giving it prompts everyday, meanwhile doing our chores. Whatever we see, observe, do or experience, throughout our day is used as a prompt. Especially whatever we think or even watch, right before we sleep, it directly goes into subconscious as a prompt. Meanwhile we are unaware of what’s gonna cook in our dream. But dreams really do surprise us, by it’s unique way of weaving a story, using all the prompts. After we wake up, sometimes out of curiosity, start contemplating about it. Trying to figure out, why did I see him or her in my dream or sometimes we focus on the conversation we ended up with. And eventually conclude, that yes this person or situation was on the top of my head and thus was a prompt to your dream woven story.

Here is the dream that made me write so much-

Meanwhile, we were enjoying a wedding reception, me and and my sister along with our relative decided to eat ice-cream, in a nearby ice-cream parlor. We went there and ordered 3 ice- creams. He made ice-cream using the evenly half cut pieces of bread. Meanwhile, we were eating, he was scribbling something on his desk, which turned out to be a complicated English word. My sister was trying to peep, so as to know what exactly he was scribbling. She tried reading it but couldn’t in her first attempt. Then when he caught her peeping, he asked if she could read,  and she said yes. She read although faltering.There he said, it’s an easy word. To which, she agreed! although pretending to know the meaning of it. Meanwhile I was thinking about him, how can he know so much of English (better than me), out of nowhere, my brother appeared in the scene. He was on the call, talking about the increasing corona cases. 

Here are the prompts of this amazingly dream woven story

1. wedding and relative- I met this relative in my cousin’s wedding and since then she is on the top of my head.

2. Ice- cream made from the pieces of bread- Right before going to bed, I watched a video of bread recipe and also a recipe of ice cream.

3. Complicated English word- Along with the recipes video, I also gave grammar test on FB and scored full marks, this boosted my confidence for English. The reason why I underestimated that shopkeeper in my dream.

4. Corona Cases- No doubt, this is lingering on our heads since lock down.

– Harshleen Israni