Not to be a part of Herd!

If you’re the only “one”
I bet you’re enough
Not like those “two”, “four”, or ” thousands”
Who have got common pronunciation of “O’s” in them
Unlike “one”, for which an “O” has to be sounded as “wa”
And if you even join “one”, I bet you will lose your specialty
That’s when you’ll become “two”.
-Harshleen Israni

Alone to be Alone?

Am I alone to be alone?
No right?
we all feel loneliness
how ironical, to say this
“we all are alone”
in spite of living together in this world
surviving together for better life
working hard to have “food, shelter and clothes”
everything together
to get the predestined happiness
but yet I see people sitting on beaches,
to have inner conversation with waves
I see people sitting on marine drive,
to feel envy of couples
or to fight with their loneliness?
I watch them playing with mud alone
some write their name on Jhuhu beach
or some end up carving hearts on mud
I watch them capturing Bandra worli sea link alone
and then posting it on instagram
which is totally the mirage of happiness and fun
and so I myself watch them alone, too
trying to learn from these people to enjoy loneliness
or to slay it?
but at the end
Happy Realisation
“we watch each other doing all this alone together,
although apart ”
-Harshleen Israni

Dreamy Genre- Nightmare

In between the people
where the lips talk about series
where the eyes remain stuck on to netflix
where the mouth hold pizza
where the hand hold coke
where the legs hardly have any movements
where the ultimate mission is just to complete series before anyone else does
where the mission is to increase the number of watched series into the list

I have this challenge of dealing with the nightmares
which has now somewhere become the permanent genre of my dreamy series
No, I ain’t in the state of getting terrified through these nightmares
but rather I am in the state of dealing the aftermath
How shall I open my eyes?
when I know that there ain’t anyone to console me
there ain’t you beside me to solace
and so I  prefer the company of those demons and ghosts
who rather comforts me,
who make me realize,
“It’s just a Dream”

     -Harshleen Israni

His zero buck pizza!

He prepared his pizza
Just like spreading chilli flakes and oregano
Spread his hand all over my body unbottoning my shirt, naked me
he started licking me like that of a pizza cheese
while I went on screaming and shouting stop!stop!
he went on enjoying his taste
he smelled this cheesy pizza excitedly and then, closer and closer
started biting every part of it
while I would shout it hurts, please stop it!
but it didn’t affect him
After all, I were his most delicious pizza to suck
which he got for no bucks!

Harshleen Israni