Happy Mother’s Day

yes people its mother’s day

so please! on this post make your eyes to stay

when miscarriage means losing

when abortion means dropping

so what does a child labour means?

what does exploitation means?

If you know exploitation 

then what does assassination means ?

Child is born out of a mother’s genes

if you care for a mother

so please! people do care for her child

mother have given him birth with a commitment 

she is gonna provide him healthy environment

But today’s scenario showed a child

that her mother lied !

showed him that his life style is actually wild

and ultimately I think he is internally died

Died in his deep negative thoughts

Died in thinking of what he has got,

Just feels that he is caught!

On and from this mother’s day

let’s care for all our mothers

let’s care for their children

let’s stop the child and women exploitation, as soon as we can

Cause a child’s happiness 

Is indispensable for mother’s happiness!

                             –Harshleen Israni


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