Just For 2 minutes..

just for 2 min people

come out of your work

think something about you and your world

think of becoming non-sense

think of becoming insane

make others laugh

make yourself to laugh

forget about your frustration

forget about your irritation

forget about your stress

forget about judgemental freaks

forget about being tortured

forget about all the negative pressures

Be mad

Be crazy

Be insensible

Just crack jokes

and laugh like a witch

for 2 min people

come on leave your work.

                             -Harshleen Israni

32 thoughts on “Just For 2 minutes..

  1. Just For Two Minutes…..Whole Life Is Changed……Harshleen ji.
    Nice Feelings.

    ” दो मिनट में बहुत कुछ हो जाता यारा,
    किसी की दुनियां बन जाती’सागर’किसी की बिगड़.!
    दो मिनट में नज़रें मिल प्यार हो जाता,
    और दो मिनट की दरिंदगी से ज़िन्दगी जाती बिगड़.!! “

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