Apps Schedule

turn on the mobile
and there is a relaxing smile
turn on the mobile data or a wifi
and there is notification of hllo nd hi!
fingers start searching for the apps
and yes they found there a watsapp
touched and viewed all the mssgs of dear ones
now,its tym to say bye to wats app and my speedy fingers starts to run.
fingers! be cool and calm
Cause now you are gonna touch instagram!
peer on those shots n videos
listen to those so called audios!
fingers!what happen?are u getting bore??
so come now its tym for another app to get explore!
yes,its none another than Facebook
my desperate eyes are dying to give a look!
OMG! someone has sent me a request
let me see who is this new guest!
after looking to all the new posts&likes
my fingers are getting departure for hike!
again it continues the same process
and one more app is left ?I guess!
yes,my fingers are all set,
to visit snapchat!

_Harshleen Israni


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