I am Straightforward!

People say be straightforward

And when we are straightforward to them

They think we are acting like a bullshit

Just let me know what should we do

Specially I can’t hide my emotions

They burn me inside

I take them out at the moment

I am straightforward

Accept it!

                             –Harshleen Israni


35 thoughts on “I am Straightforward!

  1. If you are straightforward then also be carefree. It is good to say what you feel. And people will always judge you for that. So after being straightforward, shut your ears for all the voices from the people. Simple!

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  2. straight forward, is not something unique…..today most of us opt to be straightforward and that at times can be even termed as rude……and being carefree doesn’t always work…..it’s a situation dependant thing……

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  3. The is a visual artist who puts up witty saying on billboards, etc. One of her sayings was “Spit a mouth full of milk on the person sitting next to you if you want to learn a lot about them quickly.” Sometimes it is a good thing to get to know people quickly, but always be true to yourself.

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