Forever is till I am,

Forever is till my life,

Not till the existence of this earth!

                              -Harshleen Israni



Happy Mother’s Day

yes people its mother’s day

so please! on this post make your eyes to stay

when miscarriage means losing

when abortion means dropping

so what does a child labour means?

what does exploitation means?

If you know exploitation 

then what does assassination means ?

Child is born out of a mother’s genes

if you care for a mother

so please! people do care for her child

mother have given him birth with a commitment 

she is gonna provide him healthy environment

But today’s scenario showed a child

that her mother lied !

showed him that his life style is actually wild

and ultimately I think he is internally died

Died in his deep negative thoughts

Died in thinking of what he has got,

Just feels that he is caught!

On and from this mother’s day

let’s care for all our mothers

let’s care for their children

let’s stop the child and women exploitation, as soon as we can

Cause a child’s happiness 

Is indispensable for mother’s happiness!

                             –Harshleen Israni

Give Respect and Take Respect..

Sometimes people don’t respect us

But we continuously respect them

Just for the sake that they are older than us?

Then what about 

“Give respect and take respect “?

If respect is limited to age

I am completely in rage

Don’t you think younger should equally be respected?

if elder is given respect ,younger deserve respect

But many a times I find this as a fact

Where comes an age there arrives an ego

Don’t you think let the ‘e’ go.

Anyways we should not forget

“Give respect and take respect”

Irrespective of who knows better.

                             -Harshleen Israni

Just For 2 minutes..

just for 2 min people

come out of your work

think something about you and your world

think of becoming non-sense

think of becoming insane

make others laugh

make yourself to laugh

forget about your frustration

forget about your irritation

forget about your stress

forget about judgemental freaks

forget about being tortured

forget about all the negative pressures

Be mad

Be crazy

Be insensible

Just crack jokes

and laugh like a witch

for 2 min people

come on leave your work.

                             -Harshleen Israni

The Mystery Blogger Award..

The creator of Mystery Blogger Award is Okoto Enigma…

The Mystery Blogger Award is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates, it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there and deserve every recognition they get.
This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging and they do it with so much love and passion.
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Thanks to Bhagyashri

I am really glad to be nominated by my fellow blogger Bhagyashri. She is a creative and wonderful artist which you can see in her

Please do visit her creative blog.Thank you so much Bhagyashri for giving me this recognition.

Three Facts About Me..

1.I like to have a bird black tattoo on my wrist, which I usually draw with black pen. Which you can see here..

(I already have shared this!)

2. I hate onion and pickle.

3. I love talking to myself. ( Don’t take it  wrong that I am mad )

 Answers to Questions.

1.What is your take on TV serials?

Well I don’t watch TV serials cause I hate watching extreme emotional scenes. But yes I love to watch reality shows (especially Roadies ) 

2.How you react when your name pronounced or written wrongly ?

I never have issues on such small things.But yes I correct people if they pronounce or write it wrong.And after all everything is fair in luv and war.

3.Do you believe in life after death ?If yes, what you wish to be?

Being a young generation student I don’t believe in resurrection ,and so I don’t wish anything other than being human.

4.How many dreams came true?Can you share with us major one’s?

Well none of my night dreams came true till now and its too bad.But yes my day dreams which I usually see while sleeping at day time ,have many a times come true.But those are not any major ones to be shared and also I exactly don’t remember them.

Well one of my dream if I can share you is that, I was watching my self enjoying rainy day outside with my friends.And suddenly all of my friends howled at me and said hey come on wake up,lets enjoy the rainy day outside.And I was too shocked seeing same faces that I just saw!

5.Introduce your extra hobby, which you have not mentioned here yet.

Other than writing I like to speak,give speeches and yes I love to dance.

My nominees-

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5.Ward Clever

6.2edged pen

7.Nit Dudhrejiya



10.That Invisible Guy

Do visit these wonderful blogs.

My Questions-

1) What do you dream of becoming?

2) Are you addicted to WordPress?

3) Name one song that motivates you.

4) Do you enjoy reading long posts?

5) Which is your dream place where you    like to visit before you die?

It was good time to write this post. Thank you Bhagyashri once again.

And really it was hard to choose some from many.Believe me everyone equally deserve this award.Lets wait for the next.