His zero buck pizza!

He prepared his pizza
Just like spreading chilli flakes and oregano
Spread his hand all over my body unbottoning my shirt, naked me
he started licking me like that of a pizza cheese
while I went on screaming and shouting stop!stop!
he went on enjoying his taste
he smelled this cheesy pizza excitedly and then, closer and closer
started biting every part of it
while I would shout it hurts, please stop it!
but it didn’t affect him
After all, I were his most delicious pizza to suck
which he got for no bucks!

Harshleen Israni

Something untold!

Neither are the lyrics nor is the song itself
Neither is the tune nor are its intonations
Neither is the singer nor is the someone I’m missing
It’s the familiar aura that a song creates
It’s the place that a song reminds me of
And are the people who were with me at that place
Who would hum with me the same song
Makes me cry and also makes it a fav song!
_Harshleen Israni

Let’s talk..

So this is basically a post of having interaction.

Couple of months before,I used to have a lot of interaction with my fellow bloggers,through which we sometimes exchanged information regarding our culture, which was really interesting.But gradually everything got faded and so I again wish to have blogger’s interaction.

So if you wanna share something,drop your words below!

In the Pursuit of Sadness

Who said I live in the darkness
There always arrive a light, at night
When the world rest in peace,I rest with this “Light of Happiness”
Which shows the world around me
Which shows the shadow of family and friends
Which convince me that I am not alone in this world
Which reflects the easiness of life and a reason to live it
Which makes me feel again like a Child
Yes “like a Child”!
When you are asked
” Have you eaten something?”
But only when I am in the Light of Happiness
That arrives at night,every single day,
“But just for a while”
Cause this Light of Happiness is nothing but just a “Dream”
It arrive like a guest
Gives me happiness and fades away
And then when I wake up
I realize that it was actually
“In the Pursuit of Sadness” not “Light of Happiness”!

Harshleen Israni

Inside Feelings

Gone r the days, when there exist Angels

Gone r the days when Angels would accompany me step by step

These r the days where Demons are more powerful

These are the days where I fight my own battle with Demons

Often Demons become so powerful

That I think of surrendering myself

But no, I respect the Angels
I respect how I were brought and grown up by those Angels

And wanna show the Demons
That no matter how much powerful they are, but teachings of Angels is surely gonna be the reason of their demise.

_Harshleen Israni


The words are always going to remain in my notepad
The real me is always going to stay in my notepad
I wish I could show you the real me
I wish I could read those words out to you
I wish I could give you the real address of me
But no, the day I lose my patience
The day I welcome you to my address
The day I serve you with those words,
You will take whole of me forever
and will never allow me to come back
Cause, the address is like a hell
Words are like demons
And you are my Angel,my Mum..

_ Harshleen Israni

Are we actors?

“Why don’t you feel anything”_ mum said

“I don’t bother much when I leave my family”_ daughter said

“I am broken,I am shattered”_ daughter’s heart said

“I know she’s concealing emotions”_ mum’s heart said

I sometimes wonder for this pretentious situation

For our inborn talent of pretending or acting

We start behaving like we r the world’s strongest titanium

No force can let us down

Who said ,actors are those like SRK,Aamir or Salman who actually work in film industry

“But when it’s time to leave our mum ,we become the real actors , controlling our emotions and tears”

_ Harshleen Israni