Surreal as it Sounds!

I don’t crave for a life in new Laptops and Phones,
I rather crave for a life in campuses, on fields, on roads!
I don’t crave to buy my own wheels and all those feels,
I rather crave to extend my hand once again to stop those wheels!
I don’t crave to stumble a known face and fake a smile,
I rather crave to stumble a random person in a city where I am a stranger!
I don’t crave for your decorated Pizza and Burger,
I rather crave for the mess watery dal, unbreakable chapatis and all those formidable hurdles!
I just want to be a sweaty free bird again,
Who would wander even when it would rain,
In the city of unknowns,
Where she would always be her own!
Who once thought was caught in a cage,
But No Darling, that was her life’s beautiful page!

Harshleen Israni!

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