We all understand and somewhere fear YOLO.
YOLO, a netizens terminology!
But had we ever thought about the other side of YOLO?
“You Only Live Once”
If it means we only live once, it also means there’s no afterlife!
Once you are gone, you’re gone.
Nobody’s waiting on the other side to listen what you had explored.
Neither would you be in your senses to regret of what you missed while you were alive,
To regret the reel you were supposed to post or the place you were supposed to explore.

Once you take your last breath
You’re just a BODY.
It will either be burnt or be buried.
Your ashes mixed in sand,
Your brittle bones sunk to the seabed,
Or broken inside the coffin.
But where are the regrets of not exploring the places?
Of not posting it on the internet?
It’s okay if you’re penniless for a while,
Don’t push yourself off your capacity!
No matter you are a Millennial or a Gen Z,
You still can have fun when you turn 50.
Not a race to ace!

But why to do this in the fear of regrets or Netizens may call it FOMO?
You don’t have afterlife to discuss or even sense “what you did or what you missed!”
Because at the end of the day even your influencer’s ashes and bones are meant to fade!
           -Harshleen Israni

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