The Night…

Everything was beyond comparision
The glittery waves were all set to get us drowned into their haunting lullaby,
Even the sky without twinkling stars
was beautiful
Needless to mention,
it had a wraith-silver disc hanging all alone,
to listen our beautiful silly conversations
Conversations which apparently didn’t have meaning in it
Or might had a deep one
Conversations that were unplanned yet filled with curiosities
It all started with those 1 am talks
The talks filled with some overthinking stuff.
Everything was going great
From awkward silence to all those guffaws we passed
From beguiling beauty to the uninterrupted increasingly esoteric conversations
Until the dawn broke in
letting us to witness the golden rays that turned clouds, meadows and mountain bright!
Which was supposed to be magnificent, right?
But it wasn’t,
Despite of the brightness,
the clouds, the meadows, the mountains everything looked dull this time.
Eventually it evoked the realisation that our vibes weren’t bright as the sun rays.
To our surprise!
that heart-to-heart talk didn’t go well
Things got messed up…

Here was the conclusion
Scenic beauty or material possessions were never the matter,
But the vibes between us were!
Harshleen Israni

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