Story of our LIPS 👄

Conveying your messages is my art and my duty for sure
Whispering into the ears is my way of giving it a sensuous touch
Being stared by your friends is one of my secret stories
Some are creepy, some are cringey while few are the ones filled with love.
But you ignore them, why?
I need love, I need caressing
But then you just talk and pull them away?
I everytime think, might be this time
This time I might get a kiss or a mush!
May be a French, Indian or an American one?
But no you wouldn’t trust my friends
Yes my friends, My Dearly Lip Friends!
Some are wet, some are dry
Some are red while some are brownish
Some wear glittery shades while others wear mattes
Few smells like those of rich and classy branded ones,
While some can be tasted from a distance!
But who cares for my cravings, right?
I get hopes and you turn them away!
Ohh lady or a guy, whoever you are
A GenZ, a millennial or a Gen X or even a baby boomer?
Doesn’t matter, just go on with the flow
This is life, you wouldn’t get again
Get me my taste and I’ll get yours!

                                     -Harshleen Israni

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