Dream Woven Story

Yes, dreams do weave a story. When we write a story, we usually take fictional characters. While on the other hand, dreams use real characters. The characters who are known to us, the characters who has been with us at least once, although it’s very rare when the character is unknown and new. We stimulate dreams by giving it prompts everyday, meanwhile doing our chores. Whatever we see, observe, do or experience, throughout our day is used as a prompt. Especially whatever we think or even watch, right before we sleep, it directly goes into subconscious as a prompt. Meanwhile we are unaware of what’s gonna cook in our dream. But dreams really do surprise us, by it’s unique way of weaving a story, using all the prompts. After we wake up, sometimes out of curiosity, start contemplating about it. Trying to figure out, why did I see him or her in my dream or sometimes we focus on the conversation we ended up with. And eventually conclude, that yes this person or situation was on the top of my head and thus was a prompt to your dream woven story.

Here is the dream that made me write so much-

Meanwhile, we were enjoying a wedding reception, me and and my sister along with our relative decided to eat ice-cream, in a nearby ice-cream parlor. We went there and ordered 3 ice- creams. He made ice-cream using the evenly half cut pieces of bread. Meanwhile, we were eating, he was scribbling something on his desk, which turned out to be a complicated English word. My sister was trying to peep, so as to know what exactly he was scribbling. She tried reading it but couldn’t in her first attempt. Then when he caught her peeping, he asked if she could read,  and she said yes. She read although faltering.There he said, it’s an easy word. To which, she agreed! although pretending to know the meaning of it. Meanwhile I was thinking about him, how can he know so much of English (better than me), out of nowhere, my brother appeared in the scene. He was on the call, talking about the increasing corona cases. 

Here are the prompts of this amazingly dream woven story

1. wedding and relative- I met this relative in my cousin’s wedding and since then she is on the top of my head.

2. Ice- cream made from the pieces of bread- Right before sleeping, I watched a video of bread recipe and also a recipe of ice cream.

3. Complicated English word- Along with the recipes video, I also gave grammar test on FB and scored full marks, this boosted my confidence for English. The reason why I underestimated that shopkeeper in my dream.

4. Corona Cases- No doubt, this is lingering in our mind since lock down.

– Harshleen Israni

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