Alone to be Alone?

Am I alone to be alone?
No right?
we all feel loneliness
how ironical, to say this
“we all are alone”
in spite of living together in this world
surviving together for better life
working hard to have “food, shelter and clothes”
everything together
to get the predestined happiness
but yet I see people sitting on beaches,
to have inner conversation with waves
I see people sitting on marine drive,
to feel envy of couples
or to fight with their loneliness?
I watch them playing with mud alone
some write their name on Jhuhu beach
or some end up carving hearts on mud
I watch them capturing Bandra worli sea link alone
and then posting it on instagram
which is totally the mirage of happiness and fun
and so I myself watch them alone, too
trying to learn from these people to enjoy loneliness
or to slay it?
but at the end
Happy Realisation
“we watch each other doing all this alone together,
although apart ”
-Harshleen Israni

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