Desperately awaiting for you all to hear them!

The folded heavy papers waiting on the table from day and night,

The folded heavy papers suddenly catches my sight,

The folded heavy papers bargains to get their burden light,

The restless poem in there wants to get recite,

The unspoken infinite words awaiting to be read,

The untold stories awaiting to be said,

Tongue has protested a lot ,but now seems as if it is dead.

Searched for the people around,

Searched for the audience who can surround,

Searched for the all set stage,

But now it seems as if people are caught in a cage!

Stories are waiting for people to come out,

But little do these stories know that they are unwilling to hear them aloud!

And yet the innocent stories and poems remain untold,

Desperately awaiting for this writer cum teller and the folded heavy papers to get unfold!

P.S- not at all a fictional! True indeed!

                            -Harshleen Israni


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