Nothing remains forever with you

As sky is not always blue

Even your shadow fades in complete dark

When with you there is not a single spark

Everything in this world is made to fade away

Its just YOU who forever stay..

                             -Harshleen Israni


54 thoughts on “Live For YOURSELF..

  1. True nothing is stationary except oneself… It is sometimes that somethings remain too long with us but they end at some point of time…
    The above words are my motivation in present to conquer the present ups and downs in my life

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    1. Thank you so much…but here forever means till we are alive not till this earth is alive and that’s only my next post is all about…that post is just to clear this fact cause many bloggers commented the same that even we are not here forever…
      Thank you so much for your view πŸ™‚

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