Understanding matters..

We usually say,

Girl understands a Girl,

Boy understands a Boy,

But when we can say

A Human understands a Human?

Believe me

When this happens to be true

Many problems will turn to few!

And thus we can wish each other

A Happy Life with Less Strive.

                                     – Harshleen Israni


46 thoughts on “Understanding matters..

  1. The ultimate truth of chemistry of life. Nice thought. From here all misunderstanding, ego, compromise etc comes in the picture. But sometimes I am not agree that one woman can only understand other woman, then how shaas aur bahu funda arise (in India)…

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    1. Thank you so much for your view!
      Yes definitely all things come in the picture…but if you are talking about bahu funda then you are going so deep…but actually this post was just a general view about what generally humans think and actually the problem starts from our own thinking.So we should first give a change in this thinking…

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  2. What a lovely poem! Thank you for sharing your creativity ❀ It's a gift to read.
    Thanks as well for following my blog. Your presence is very welcome.
    Have a beautiful week, and many blessings,
    Debbie of ForgivingConnects blog πŸ™‚


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