Its a film..Let’s improve it..

Thinking is immortal,

so the writer’s words are;

Anything can get halt,

but thinking is default;

World out there is running,

just finding a way for winning;

Its like a film,

trailer and actors,

Actors are we,

Writer’s words are trailer;

No one cares what has gone,

until these words make them realize the day is from dusk to dawn;

Time is been losing day by day,

But no one knows how to have a min stay;

Soon the day will come when we have to die,

within the blink of an eye;

Remember the day is from dusk to dawn,

use it before everything is blown;

Thinking is immortal,

So the writer’s words are;

This is the trailer of today’s film,

We are the actors,

We are the creators;

Hoping for improved film next time,

Less of run and more of fun;




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