Happy New 2k17 :-)

Wishing you a very happy new year.

With this first morning of 2017,I have given a slight change in my writting work.Till now I have just wrote poetries,thoughts,quotations.But this time I am gonna give first trial for my short story.


Girl looking at the clock,waiting for something special.Few minutes passed and finally the moment arrived.The moment for which every year she waited for.The moment full of expectations, full of hope and finally it converted into a surprise. Moment ,clock struck 12 ,she heard the sound.The sound she always had a hope for.Yes her favourite ringing sound ,the way her father rang those bells.She heard this sound coming through the door.She immediately with full expectations,with full curiosity ran to open the door.And there she opened it.Her wide eyes,full of glamour, finally looked at that very thing she waited for.Her inactive dumb ears finally heard the ringing sound.There was her father, ringing those bells, to wish her the new year cheer.She hugged her father tight and wished Happy New Year dad.Both of them were gleaming.She greeted him.Both of them had a lovely dinner with lovely talks.After celebration ,her father said”my daughter,we had lovely time with each other after a long time.But now unfortunately i have to say goodbye” .Listening to this she started crying and yelling ,asking her father to stay but there was no one to listen her.Her father already got departure from there.

All of sudden she heard the striking sound which led to the thumping of her heart beats.She opened wide her eyes.And there it was a clock which struck 12.And again left with hope and expectations for next year. 

P.s-guys this was my first trial.If you don’t like ,then accepted.Appologies from my side.


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