one day arrived 

one moment arrived

moment of 2 hrs

that gave us the same feeling

which was lost from yrs

which created the joyful surrounding

which led to smiles on faces

which made everyone to feel alive

the place was different

situation was different

but faces were same

faces were real

the same innocent faces

which were faded 

faded with old places

faded with old streets

faded with old relations

faded with old acquaintances

faded behind the old memories

faded behind the old house

yes the old house

which is still standing erect

with the memories locked inside

with the foot prints locked inside

with the imaginary real faces locked inside

with the joyful surrounding locked inside

yes for us everything’s faded

but the building

it will never fade

it will always satisfy us

that the hearts

the memories are still locked inside;


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