So many people around me

So much happiness I see

Sound ,noices I hear

At night I sleep with no fear

even if anyone try to steal

There isn’t a big deal

Society, neighbours and friends

All my 24/7 helping hands

For a single help

I just need to yelp

And 100 hands

Ready to lend their help


Life was full of roller coaster ride

Mixture of emotions all over reside


Years passed by

Everything left aside

Now the people around me are no more

A step outside doesnot show me a single door

The joint family in which I was born

Has now left me all alone.

I hear is just the clock_tic tic sound

Mosquitoes beeming around

The sounds which before never surround

Deaf ears

Wants to hear

Blind eyes

Need a halt from cry

Dumb mouth

Wants to shout..


P.s-half reality and half exaggerated





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