Addiction to blogging world?

Addiction to bloggers?

Addiction to writing?

Addiction to likes?

Addiction to comments?

Addiction turning to passion?

or just an addiction?

Any answers to these questions?

or just questions?

Is this a question section?

or any answers in this section?

Oh again,its a question?

Is there end in this section?


Hello guys!This post is just about my addiction to your views,your likes,your support,your comments and yeah addiction to writing. I don’t know which way I have conveyed all this in the above post,I just wanted to write and I wrote it without thinking it a twice.Hope the above post is understood to you all.




45 thoughts on “Addicted..

      1. Haha, I am glad you think so. But don’t live in misconception. Even I at first thought so but there are so many comments out there that are not even related to the post!
        They are like just a one line applause…
        “Another great post! Thanks for sharing!”
        With time, I came to know the difference between real and fake comments…
        Sorry if I offended you but it is the truth… people tend to do comments without even reading the post just to get noticed by the author…

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      2. Hahaha…I am not offended dear…I know even everyone knows ,truth is bitter to swallow…that’s true…I never had that thinking ever about such comments which aren’t related to the post but yeah now you made be realised …that can be but not in every post…but yeah agree for some posts…
        Thanks for keeping your view dear πŸ™‚

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      3. If you haven’t come across any such comment yet, then I appreciate that you truly have genuine readers.
        No. Of followers doesn’t define the no. Of your true readers. at least I think so.

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      4. Dear I came across many such comments its just that I never thought that it might not be related to my post…or this comment is made without a read…and frankly speaking all my posts ,they start and end..I mean they are not that elongated..if u have opened my post for commenting then its obvious u would have at least gave a glance to it..but yeah what u say can be correct ..I agree to your point..

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  1. I’m addicted.
    To blogging , to bloggers .. some of them aren’t just fellow bloggers now.. I have a virtual family here .. I can write a series of posts about how blogging has changed my life .. joining WordPress is one of the best decision i have ever taken ! so yes , I’m addicted to this. I guess everyone here is addicted.

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