Stop Animal Violation…

Hey guys …Here is one more painting to share with you all made by my sister.This time the lines are given by my father.My contribution is just to post and share it with you all.Hope you like it.




47 thoughts on “Stop Animal Violation…

      1. Now you didn’t get me…… Offcou I know people like me… complete…..but then when we talk about violation everybody is a part of this cycle, whether veg or non veg

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      2. Even human beings are put to test….after successful animal trials……. Anyways….violence can be anyway like caging, beating, getting heavy work done, like the bulls and the horses and so on……

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      3. hello steve,
        you talk about the cycle, i have a question for you, do you eat to complete the cycle or do you eat because you like it?
        it is because you like it. and the cycle of nature is such that if you stop something, it will get replaced, so we don’t have to worry about the cycle. We humans are among the ones who are given a choice to eat veg or non veg, so if there is a choice, why not live and let live. so if you are eating just to complete the cycle, then don’t, because nature will work for itself..

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      4. Hi Shreyan, I think, I have mentioned that I am part of the cycle, infact we all are a part of it, irrespective of whether we eat it or not, like it or not….. And Offcou it’s nothing to worry about…..and when you say about choices given, largely it is the influence of tradition etc, unless at one point one realizes the changeover with their personal interest in line to animal violence…….but then, if you would have read all my replies, I think you didn’t have to ask me this question…..

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    1. Hello steve,
      You didnt answer my question. From your previous replies you it seems that you eat non veg to complete the cycle, and if it was not for the cycle, you wont eat it..but i dont think that is the case..i dont know about you..but many of those who eat non veg is because they like it, and when they are said not to, then they bring the cycle for excuse…please explain what is your stand..?

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      1. Hey…. I think all my replies are in simple English, and easy to understand, and I don’t think I will say something different again. pertaining to your question, read my reply carefully and try to understand my stand……

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      2. I know the answer but sorry if I pen it down then I will become the
        part of this debate and it will just show that I am one sided ….I just acted as a viewer and enjoyed a lot…thanks to both of you for stopping by…I am glad someone took the post very serious..thanks to both…

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    1. Dear rat can be trapped in a rat trapper and then can be thrown out of the house…I don’t think killing is the right way…talking about the blind beliefs exactly this just show that you are superstitious and though you are committing mistake of being superstitious but someone else is paying for it,someone else is sacrificing its life….
      Thank you for your read…

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  1. Wow. Such a Strong Poem, trying to write down the “Feelings of Poor Animals without a home”. It brings tears to my eyes. Any person who ill-treats an animal, is not worth being called a “human”. They are just “demons”.

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