Lets Promote Bicycle..

Image result for use of bicycle in india

say yes to bicycles,
say no to fuel vehicles,
lets fight this pollution battle,
come and lets paddle,
show your physical strength,
no matter what’s the length,
paddling will improve your & environment health,
and will save your wealth,
stop buying motors,
be the first promoter,
as it is advisable,
paddling a bicycle,
make us physically strong,
so come along,
vanish this harmful destruction,
vanish this pollution,
don’t forget,
right from our birth,
we are been given the place on this earth,
lets fulfil our duty,
lets save the earth’s beauty;

                            Harshleen Israni 


13 thoughts on “Lets Promote Bicycle..

      1. ha u r right..but something should be done…I don’t know how..
        but cycle use honi chaahiye…even now a days cars and motor cycles are like showing their standards…but they r forgetting the environmental issues…atleast jab zyada zaroorat ho tab aap motor vehicles use kariye na..for short journey too u r using cars..that’s unacceptable..

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      2. Jab kabhi traffic jam ho notice krna… Maximum cars me sirf ek insan hoga… The one who’s driving… Means seriously yr… Bike ya scooty se jao… Time kam lagega… Jam nai hoga… But nahi… Logo ko aaram chhaiye.

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  1. I really liked this post, if everyone would start riding, if and when possible, it would save a lot of energy, and we would be healthier for it. We all need to start thinking differently about what we are doing and what we can do to help the planet. There’s no need for a huge SUV, gas guzzler.

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