Green may soon be just a colour

Friends ,this is not just a line but yes its a fact. Try to understand it .

Please save greenery!


13 thoughts on “GREEN..

  1. Hi. Tricia here 🙂 I agree with not cutting down the forests, and in thinking about all which we have created with the use of trees, how can we reinvent these staples without the use of trees. I’ve always wondered that. What other resources can be used? There are sustainable forest created just for the purpose of cutting down the trees for manufacturing (correct me if I’m wrong). Are those useful?

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    1. Hi Tricia .Thank you for stopping by..yes your question is very genuine..I also used to think the same…agree that there are sustainable forest for cutting the trees…but these forest are not for excessive cutting there should be balance between ecological and social…agree we cut trees for our needs but a limit should be there excessive cutting will result in over exploitation of our natural resource ,trees..
      thank you 🙂

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      1. Thank you also for your perspective. The earth has evolved through many natural challenges, perhaps she will do the same as a result of our own evolution.

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