So Called “STATUS”


status act as a spider
we are acting as flies,
ultimately trapped in a web;

My dear ladies and gentlemen ,why are we running behind the one and only “status”?There are lots many things waiting behind to get our attention.Come on leave your status and give your attention to those waiting in a long queue.Even they are tired to wait for so long.Don’t be so partial ,give a little attention to other needs too.
Our so called society,so called sophistication never allow us to enjoy every moment freely.Even if a so called sophisticated person wants to sneeze ,he sneezes in such a way that the other one shouldn’t even come to know that someone sneezed a second before.I mean what kind of life it is ,when you are not even free to sneeze.

Come on people lets shoot this status out ,
lets enjoy every sneeze and every loud shout,
no more bounding,
just free surrounding,
lets explore our real passion,
free of status and sophistication;
lets live this life according to our will,
this can be the only pill,
for our entertainment,
for our enjoyment,
lets live every moment according to our real desire,
and ultimately the “status” you are fired;


2 thoughts on “So Called “STATUS”

  1. Nice Post, I recall one point made by Mr.Sandeep Maheshwari in one of his seminars after reading your post, he said that one of his friends wanna become cook as he loves cooking but due to his so called status he pursued MBA .. really we need to break this WEB, we should build our own status by our performance or work , not by our parents work, or their income etc.

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