Domestic Violence…

Isn’t that strange?

that a bride always needs to change.

Now I am in a huff!

tell me is that not enough?

she sacrifice her family,

to feed your belly!

she sacrifice her comfort,her fun,

for you and your son!

then why cannot she be the same,

why she needs to change her name!

she is ready to give you food,

then what’s wrong, if you provide her everything good!

she is ready to be a part of your life,

then what’s wrong,if she expects something being your wife!

stop violence against her,

she is also someone’s daughter! 



girls stand,

if you are among them;

if there is violence,

then break your silence!






24 thoughts on “Domestic Violence…

  1. I totally get what you’re trying to say! What’s interesting is that some people think that domestic violence relates to just physical harm but, words hurt the soul equally! Visible wounds heal over time but, hurtful words get imprinted on the mind for life! And, sometimes women are not just abused by husbands or in-laws but, their own children too! Domestic violence is a shameful act 😦

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