This poem is the continuation of my previously written poem Good WEATHER to come…

Hope you like it….


Years and years passed,

and that’s too very fast;

Girl enjoying her tea cup,

sitting in her hall,

suddenly listens to a call,

picks up;

A voice she hear,

sounds like her Dear,

the way he say “Hello”,

everything there turns mellow,

the sunlight red and yellow,

passes through the window,

turns every object to glow;

Yet another sentence,

break her reminiscence,

“Hey! open the door” he says,

brings a sudden lit on her face,

she ran,

as fast as she can,

opened the door,

looks for something she adores,

There he is,

a complete scene of bliss,

hugged each other,

Thus there comes a good weather,

of again coming together;


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