Happy Teacher’s Day…

I wish you all a very HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY …Let me tell you that you all are great teachers for me.Every day your new posts teach me something new and I get a marvelous opportunity for learning something new.Even sometimes your posts help develop my post’s vocab. So thank you guys so much for sharing your precious knowledge to me.Thank you for being a part of my life.


Teacher taught me to come ahead,

   and said:Don’t be afraid.

Teacher taught me to be bold&strong,

   and corrected me when I was wrong.

Teacher taught me to overcome fear,

   and said:wipe your tears.

Teacher taught me to build confidence,

  and said:break your silence.

I don’t know from where I started my journey,

I don’t know what’s my destiny,

I am standing on the mid way,

Writing on this auspicious day,

Thanking someone who is my brightest ray,

& friends I suggest you to follow ,what they say,

& wish you all a very “HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY”  🙂




16 thoughts on “Happy Teacher’s Day…

  1. I absolutely loved your blog and started following you. Hope to hear more and my sister is a teacher! Happy teachers day! I have started blogging myself and would be thrilled if you could give me some insight. Please feel free to check it out, I would appreciate it greatly!

    Much luck,
    Brianna Penn

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