Unanswerable Questions..

Today I thought lets write something different other than poetry.I thought of lets try something new. Today’s post is all about mythology and guys if you have any opinions regarding mythology, you are welcome to the comment section.

I wonder how God Hanuman have proved sir Isaac Newton’s law of gravity to be very wrong. I always wonder how he flied in the air .What do you guys think is it possible in any way ?Can anyone fly like that? I always had another big question that ,are mythological stories real?Do God Rama,Hanuman,Krishna and many more did really exist?


But I wonder ,what’s the philosophy behind God Hanuman’s Β case? When I asked this question to my mum ,she gave me unacceptable answer that God Hanuman had that strength and power of flying in the air.But I don’t think that any human can have that strength .Being the student of young generation I don’t believe anything that goes against science.

If any opinions or views you guys have regarding this matter please let me know.I always had these questions unanswerable .And If I did got some answers,those always proven to be illogical.





25 thoughts on “Unanswerable Questions..

  1. Well your thoughts are quite genuine..but actually newton was always wrong about gravity, einstein proved it. And the stories of rama and hanuman are like super hero movies which gives us inspiration to stand for truth. Nothing else i think is true about them. But i may be wrong, because in science they always say that we haven’t been able to determine what our minds are capable of. So may be it is possible but not yet realized. There are people in the world who can read a book and never forget a single word from the book. Almost 99% of us can’t do that, but it is possible..really nice post and your curiosity is genuine..

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    1. since my childhood I seen mythological stories as just stories..not more than that..I always believed in science and believed that those who believe in mythologies are superstitions …and I gave more emphasis on gravity when I related hanuman’s philosophy with newton’s law…I don’t know newton was right or not but just according to my gk gravity do exist…and the biggest reason for posting this was how blindly people trust on what is written in the books…someone wrote and people started believing it.I don’t think its justified…well thank you for reading and thinking my thought to be genuine one.. πŸ™‚

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  2. No gravity do exist, but newton never knew what it was actually, i also didnt knew it till i read about einstein…and yes the superstitions should not be taken seriously…waiting for some more exciting blogs from you..

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  3. This is an interesting post, Harsh! I am not a Hindu. I’m a Sikh. The questions you raised are totally valid but I think that what’s really important about the Ramayana and other such stories is the message that is being conveyed. Time travel is not really possible yet therefore it’s best to just stick to incorporating all the good advice into our lives rather than thinking about all the supposedly impossible stuff that history claims did happen πŸ™‚

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    1. yaa you are right…we should adopt all those morals that those mythological stories convey instead of thinking about those impossible philosophies ….but just the thing struck in my mind and I wrote it..well my name is Harshleen ,I know many blogger misinterpret it…I am a girl.. thank you so much for reading my post….

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      1. That’s what blogging is all about! And looking at all the comments you have received, you clearly managed to trigger a conversation!
        I know you’re a girl. Sorry I just shortened you name to Harsh without realising its a boy’s name. I’ll call you Harshleen πŸ™‚

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  4. Its one’s choice to believe in those mythological stories or not, to believe in God or not. As for whether that happened or not, the different Puranas weren’t written just for fun purpose I think. Moreover, the period of time they were in, truth prevailed in that period. Devotion to God was true and this gave them huge strength which unfortunately isn’t the case now.

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    1. I don’t mean that we should not believe in god..believing in god is a source for huge strength and satisfaction and I too believe in god that was not the matter all about but just I came with a thought of gravity..they had that strength or not that cannot be said by us…and definitely its your choice to believe in it or not…I just kept my thought forward..everyone’s perceptions are different..but all are free to keep their views (I suppose I am right)…well thanks for your kind opinion…glad you took out your precious time for all my posts.. πŸ™‚

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