Passing through the road,
saw a board,
written there-
” come here,
I am hungry dear,
want to eat you,
nothing else I can do”,
I started yelping,
crying and asking,
tell me why do you want me,
please dont haunt me,
I am not your greed,
tell me what else you need,
while asking all this,
i saw something coming closer,
OMG it was a stone,
written on it was,
I won’t be leaving you alone,
come this way,
follow what I say,
make me refresh,
come! you are my flesh;
Suddenly what I saw,
appearing was a jaw,
wide open,
half teeth broken,
my heart ย beat pumping,
my throat started choking,
I felt helpless,
situation was complete breathless,
it came near&near,
I was in -fear &fear…..

guess what happen next……


I suddenly opened wide my eyes,
took a deep sigh
thank god,it was a dream,
I was glad ,
as was lying on the bad…


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