Some faces,
Some places,
Remind us of our past;
Some songs,
Some shots,
Remind us of our past;
When we visit those places,
When we come across those faces,
When we hear those songs,
When we see those shots,
We feel they are our life’s glory,
And there they start telling past story,
Cause infirm inside,
Cause sorrow to reside,
Our heart starts crying,
Our mind starts grieving,
Our eyes starts melting;
We wish of getting back,
Every moment,
Every enjoyment,
Those feelings of tenderness,
Those feelings of togetherness,
Which we never might get back again,
And yet hidden tears that we cry in rain;


17 thoughts on “HIDDEN TEARS…

      1. I used to think about it but u expressed it so well ,why everything has to change ?
        your best friend may become a stranger tomorrow ,remaining is only the memories you spoke about,sad but fact.

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