We are on our Life Voyage,

already it has some storage,

of all our happy memories,

full of funny and emotional stories;

Bit of life has gone,

we are still at our young zone;

Yet to go a lot,

for which we have been bought,

by the days of past,

to reach the moment of last;

Trying to make everything best,

while continuing with our life test;

Let us fill this storage,

of our life voyage,

with more enthusiastic emotions,

which will be our life’s lotion,

to drive it smooth and fast,

let it become our joyful past;

Now at this stage,

we are in rage,

to complete the game,

of reaching at our aim,

before the end of our voyage,

let us fill this storage,

more and more,

store and store,

before the end of this life,

let us solve this strife; 



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