father is someone,
who sheded my tears ,
whenever i was in fear,

who gave his hand for help,
whenever i yelped,

who told me to be bold and strong,
whenever he thought something going  wrong,

who first stepped before me,
whenever he felt that I ain’t safe and free,

who strived ,
and i lived my life,

who earned money,
while i continued my study,

who worked in a weather so warm,
just for giving me life full of calm,

who concealed his aches,
just for my sake.

and i,
i never took my step,
to give him a voluntary help,
i cannot payout his favour,
of becoming my lifesaver,
all i can do is just,
become a lust,
and be first,
to follow a path,
that is asked by his heart,
and always be a tiredless runner,
to be winner,
for letting him to take a big sigh,
for keeping his head held high,
and that one day,
he can say,
look her ,my sunshine,
who was ,is and always be mine.

now its time to say ” thank you”,
for everything he does and do,
forgiving my mistakes,
for becoming my brightest ray,
of showing me a helpful way,
thank you  and “happy father’s day”.


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