Finally we reached fun n food,
Now its time to refresh our mood,
After completing our way,
We are here to stay,
And to make this day,
A memorable one,
With this hot summer sun,
Gonna fully burn,
With complete fun,
So common!
Lets go in ,
Enjoy till dawn,
Oh! I see this lin,
Here inside the pool,
Water so cool,
Can’t express it,
How sun rays hit,
This cool water,
And tried to make it hotter,
But as it was cool n calm,
Rays can get it lukewarm,
Water colour blue n yellow,
Made environment mellow,
Excited! to see different slides,
Gonna take their rides,
Oh! now I am sliding,
And ooo! Hooting!
Feeling like I am dyeing,
I ask god a boon,
To complete it soon,
Safely and happily,
At length I am done,
And it was great fun;
Now!its dawn,
Of course a time to move on,
So bid bye to this park,
Lets take depart,
Now we are in the car,
Destination so far,
Lets goooo!


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