My post for LIEBSTER AWARD..

First of all I would like to thank Anjali Soni for nominating me and I am glad to give answers for the questions asked.


So here I start with my answers..

What does success mean to you?

For me success is just stepping forward from where you are.Whenever I take even my one step forward, from my still position,I feel that’s  my success.

What makes you incredibly happy?

If I talk about my life ,there are many things which make me feel incredibly happy.But if specifically I have to mention one thing, then of course it will be, when I will be given my past childhood life to live it once again.

And on the other hand ,if I am to talk about my writing world(my blog) ,then of course when some one appreciate it by commenting and liking.

Your favorite person in your life and why?

Again I will say ,that there are so many person in my life who are my favorite . These all person includes my relatives ,my friends ,my family , my parents, my siblings and of course all the wordpress bloggers who are reading this.

But if I have to mention one ,I will like to mention myself. Cause whatever I like to have by myself ,I get it ,irrespective of what it is.

One ideology that you would stand by all your life?

One ideology that I would stand by all my life is nothing but….

“Its I, me, and myself who has to strive,who has to get  success and who has to keep its head held high”.

How would you define yourself?

Well I hope you would have already picturized  me through all the above answers or is going to picturize me through my upcoming answers and my random facts.

But again if I have to define myself ,I will just define it in one word and that is “I”.

Who/What is your source of inspiration?

Just a sentence….

“Appreciation is my inspiration”.

What are your thoughts on life?

Usually I  keep one thought on life ,its just that”Life is a live dream ,so cope up with it happily as you cope up happily with your worst and horrible night dreams”.

I have define life in  my poem”LIFE”,at my blog .So do visit my page if you want to know it.

Your biggest aspiration that you would achieve at any cost?

My biggest aspiration that I would achieve at any cost is “REAL ME”.Cause I believe that its me but not “REAL ME”.Well to let you know what is “REAL ME”;

“REAL ME” is a successor of “ME”.And its my biggest aspiration  to complete my mission of defeating ” ME” and achieving “REAL ME”.

One moment that you are extremely proud of?

That one moment of which I am extremely proud of and forever will be proud of  is ..

When I participated in my speech competition for the first time and unexpectedly got succeeded in it.Actually it was the moment when I found my talent in speaking skills and defeated the over confident ones .

A song(s) that makes you strong in the situation of despair ?

Well till now I have not found any .But if l would like to hear at the time of despair then I’ll say ;all the songs of “ONE DIRECTION”.

Had you not been a blogger ,what would have you been instead?

Well I love to be blogger ,as it motivates me to post something new.But if condition would have arose of not being a blogger ,then of course I would have chosen my pen,paper and my book to write,as they never show me the disapproval of what I write.

And also pen ,paper and book cover the need of being a blogger.

11 random facts about me…

1.I love to dance in front of mirror,especially when I am alone in my house.

2.I cannot sleep without having a normal dream or a nightmare whole night.Well I think everyone see dreams but just that they don’t remember,but I do remember each and everything about what I have seen.And whether its a adventures dream or a nightmare ,I love to see them as they make my night entertaining.

3.I am great lover of hearing english songs,enjoying with my friends and roam around with them like a crazy freak.

4.  I love to hear sad song while I am enjoying the long drive with my siblings.Cause I love to have background music while I am enjoying the scene of beautiful nature and then it makes me feel like I am a heroine of bollywood movie.

5.The most irritating work which I have to do daily is bathing.I always show laziness for it,but I m always  constrained to do it.

6.I am also a big procrastinator,that’s why in my house I am called as the great”AALSI”.

7.I extremely love to give speeches and its my dream to give them in front of whole world.The main part I like in my speech is “GOOD MORNING  LADIES AND GENTLEMEN “.

8.I always have a dream of visiting London Bridge.Cause whenever I see it on posters or pictures ,its beauty  really get me trapped in it.

9.I love to have everything chocolaty;ice creams,cakes and everything.

10.Now its my biggest dream to win this Liebster Award.

11.Seriously this part took more time than writing any of my post.

Well I am happy as I am done.


A big thanks to Anjali Soni for nominating me. I hope Anjali you like my answers!It was good time to write this post and I really enjoyed giving your answers.









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