Two Ps of Pipariya….

My granny use to share her incident with everyone, wherever she moves,wherever she goes,wherever she visits; to her friends, to her relatives even to strangers.And today I am here to share her incident with you all . So please if it makes you laugh ,do like it,the more you like,the more my granny will be happy….. 


So friends here I start….

Once , when I was not even born ,my granny  was dealing with ear problem . Her problem was so chronic that she decided to see an ear specialist.But the main problem was ,that there were no ear specialist around our region . She asked to other local doctors that where should she go for her treatment,they advised her that it will be better option if she moves to Indore(a city in MP).The next day she asked her daughter to accompany her to Indore.They both went via rail route….

After her treatment was done ,both were coming back from Indore with train. As it was night journey and because of over exertion ,they both slept in the world of dreams… When both of them woke up ,they realized that it was the time of their arrival.So to know their location,they both rushed to the door. When they reached to the door , the thing my granny saw ,made her mind completely blank…Actually she saw the last board of station ,it was written there Pipariya (our home town and of course it was their destination ).Because the train already took departure from there,  my granny could only read two Ps of Pipariya and this made her confirmed that this is their destination. According to my granny there was only one way that she could do ,was something horrible…She just pushed her daughter off the running train,first and then she pushed herself ,second. Fortunately both were alright !My grandfather came to station to receive both of them,  waiting and standing there for too long,then after the arrival of train, was continuously staring at the door, expecting them to come out.But , no one came out instead the train took departure from there. And when he turned his face right ,in the direction of running train,he saw at the end of the station,near the last board ,two women suddenly jumped of the running train and were lying on the rail track.So for giving them help ,he fled.There unexpectedly! he saw , both women were the one ,to whom he came to receive .His face was first full of surprise! and then, after knowing the reason of jumping stupidly  ,was full of anger! After saving both of them,my grandfather asked granny “What was the need to jump?” My granny,just spoke one sentence”Cause I saw two Ps of Pipariya,so I pushed her and myself.” This unexpected answer made my grandfather more angry .He said sarcastically ,”What a brave work you did, salute to your bravery!” And then again he said,”My dear! Instead of sacrificing your life ,you would have lend yourself at the nearest railway station.”

So this was something which happened with my granny and her daughter…

Today,her daughter still ask her “Why you pushed me ,first?”….Being a mother, my granny don’t have any reply.







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