Yesterday, when we were at our childhood, we always had one of these two aims, whether to become a teacher or a doctor. Other than these two aims, very hardly a student can take another name. Even when a teacher ask ” Why you want to become a doctor?” , student replies ” Cause I want to help people” or teacher ask “Why you want to become a teacher?” , student replies “Cause I love to”.


But today, when our age finally comes to decide, our first thought is of salary, richness & of course the status of that particular field. Now today if someone ask ” What do you want to become?” , our answer will not at all include the option of becoming teacher , but yes it can be a doctor , of course. But then question comes “Why you wanna become a doctor?” , then our reply comes ” Cause I will be having my own hospital, my own salary & of course my own status”. No such answer will be ever pass that ” I want to help people”.And talking of becoming a teacher, we say ” Teacher is my last option, if I won’t get anything then”. Yesterday the teacher’s status in front of us was very high, we considered a teacher as so educated one, but when time came , we considered it as our last option.
“Why indirectly ,today’s youth is searching for a sophisticated high class job?”



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